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Legal Filings
Find Divorce and Probate filings quickly and easily throughout your county. You’ll also have access to contact information available for any additional parties involved!
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Not only will you have access to the mortgage information on each individual property… you’ll be able to search entire neighborhoods for average number of refis, average loan amount, interest rate, and many more.
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Recently Sold
With access to all of the recently sold properties in any area you’ll be able to quickly find comparable sales to your own potential listing. Sold terms and listing remarks allow you to determine which properties truly compare.
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Distressed Homeowners
Thousands of homeowners each day find themselves facing foreclosure. Each morning we add each publicly recorded Notice of Default and Notice of Trustee Sale to our database. We provide contact information on each property to help you reach the homeowner in order to detail their options and provide useful information.
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For Sale By Owner
Whenever a homeowner considers selling their house, one question always pops into their head: Why can’t I just do it myself? Many of these sellers find themselves in over their head with limited resources, few offers, and misinformation. Your expertise in Real Estate, resources, and access to additional marketing you could potentially sell their property at a higher price.
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Tax Defaults
Commonly, the first step a homeowner will take towards foreclosure is defaulting on their property tax. Monitoring these properties for activity can be a lucrative way to farm an area. Homeowners that are in default on their property taxes, as well as their mortgage, are more likely to be in a situation where selling their home is the best option.
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Find the farm YOU want to work. Not only are you able to filter your farms by property characteristics; now you can find just the type of homeowner you want to target.
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Are you, or do you know of an investor who wishes to seek out and contact additional investment properties? With ReboGateway you’ll be able to access and monitor entire complexes for lead activity to bolster future purchases.
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