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Lead Lists

Our flagship product encompasses a vast array of data sets making it one of the most unique and dynamic products to hit the market. This, coupled with our research tools, makes marketing for new business efficient. Other agents may spend thousands of dollars trying to find their next client but with our system you can search multiple lead types and filter criteria to find exactly the candidates you would like to market to.

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Farming tool

Millions of residential property records at your fingertips. In addition to offering access to one of the most powerful marketing tools on the market, we also couple this with "filter" categories to pinpoint the exact marketing targets you are looking for. Our filters include: Geography, Character, Value, Demographics, Professional, Title/Tax, Mortgage and Lifestyle.

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Research tools

Our property research tools allow you to perform various tasks related to residential real property. We offer comparable analysis, tax information, recorded documents, plat maps / surveys, mapping solutions, a complete property history and much more.

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Tract tool

Have you ever asked yourself, "Where should I market next?" Our tract tool provides you with reliable and detailed information regarding your new campaigns. Turnover rates, local competition, and area trends are just a few items we offer.

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Sphere tool

Are networking and professional relationships your keys to success? Our Sphere tool will enable you to network and create business from local professionals. We watch Attorneys, CPA's, Developers, and Investors in your area.

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Target tool

Once you secure a real estate listing, your next objective is to get it sold. Our Target Tool is ideal for helping you develop a sales plan plus providing you with a reliable list of candidates who may potentially be interested in your listing.

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Providing leading business services

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What is ReboGateway?

Welcome to ReboGateway powered by Benutech, Inc. Benutech is providing real estate agents and brokers the most advanced research system in the industry today. ReboGateway is a completely automated system providing reliable data that successfully enhances brokers and real estate agents listings and sales.

Choose from a catalog of opportunities such as Expired Listings, For Sale by Owner, Notice of Default and Sale, Just Listed and Just Sold, and several additional categories. Updated daily, ReboGateway provides unlimited access to information with guaranteed efficiency and results. In addition, Farms can be pulled anytime, day or night, with notifications emailed to the user when there are changes within their farms, such as NODs, FSBOs or Expireds. The Tract Utility will tell you how many homes are selling annually in each housing tract; never waste time or money on housing tracts that don’t have homes selling.

All of these tools are available in ReboGateway!!

We understand that you need choices

  • Flexibility to the individual needs of the Real Estate professional.
  • Unique lead types that will work the best for you and bring you in front of your competition.
  • We support your business needs through data elements. If you're a mail marketer, telemarketer, or if specific marketing research is your niche, look no further. If you do not see what you need we encourage your feedback and we reward people who suggest great NEW ideas!
  • Affordability! Compare us to our competition and you will see.
  • We make training and support a priority, accessible and very simple.
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